Swim Team

2024 Rockville Racers Swim Team FAQs

Who can join the Rockville Racers Swim Team?
The Rockville Racers Swim Team is open to children ages 18 and younger of families who are members of the Rockville Center Pool.  Team members must be able to swim across the pool.  We have a Jr. team for children (typically ages 5-7) who can swim, but not yet across the pool.  Young swimmers will be evaluated by coaches during the first week of practice to determine if they are able to join the team.

How much does it cost to join the team?
The 2024 swimmers’ fees are $110.00 for the 1st swimmer and $90 for each additional swimmer. Registration is online only at the following link: https://cui.active.com/sports-reg/login?a=7a2b837f-3ce9-4c93-a86e-276ebc76f39d. Registration fees increase by $10 after April 30. Additional costs to the swimmer may be associated with the purchase of swimsuits, caps, goggles, or spirit wear.  

What if my child isn’t a strong swimmer or doesn’t know all the strokes?
The Rockville Racers is comprised of swimmers at all skill levels. Swim team is a great way to learn and improve in an encouraging and fun environment. Regular practice attendance will typically result in significant learning and improvement for a swimmer over the course of the season. 

When does the season start and end?
Swim practice will begin May 21st and continues into July. The season consists of six meets held weekly (usually on Wednesdays).  The 2024 meet schedule will be 6/5, 6/12, 6/18, 6/26, 7/2 and 7/9. There are three home meets and three away meets. If your child qualifies for Champs, practices will continue further into July and the Champs meet will be held on 7/20 and 7/21.

When is practice?
Before school is out, evening practice is offered every weekday evening. Once school releases, there are both morning and evening practices held throughout the week.  You do not have to attend all the practices. You pick and choose the ones that work for your schedule and how many times a week you would like your child to practice. You also do not need to RSVP for practice. You show up when you can.

What if my child will miss a meet?
If you know ahead of time that you will not be at a meet, please email rockvilleracersteam@gmail.com and notify the coach as soon as possible, but AT LEAST two days prior to the meet so the coaches do not add your child to events.  Missing swimmers especially impact relays and it takes a lot of work to redo the relays if the coach finds out later that a swimmer will be absent. 

What should I bring to a meet?

  • Extra towels
  • Extra goggles: it’s always a good idea to have a back-up pair
  • Extra hair bands for swimmers with long hair
  • Swim cap: you need to wear the RVDC team cap that will be included with your registration (if you are a first time swimmer)
  • Fold-Up chairs and/or blankets to sit on, especially at away meets
  • Sweatshirts: swimmers can get chilly at the night goes on
  • Money for concession items
  • Things to keep your swimmer busy while they are waiting to swim (books, cards, etc.)

How do I know how well my child did in his/her event?
Event results will be hung up at the pool after the event has been scored. Your child will be grouped with other swimmers by age and swimming ability for their finish place.  The five categories, which are determined by time (based on event, age, and gender), are Novice, Advanced, Junior Varsity, Varsity, and Senior Varsity.  Any time that is in the JV, V, or SV category qualifies your swimmer for Champs.  Your child may win his/her heat, but not win first place in the event.

Do I have to volunteer?
Yes. Meets are made possible solely by the efforts of our amazing parent volunteers! No matter what position you fill, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO WATCH YOUR CHILD SWIM! Most positions require no formal training (like timing—you get to watch all the swimming and get to know other swim parents) and are easy and fun.  A few (such as Strokes & Turns official) require training and certification by GRAL. A BAND app link will be sent out once the season starts to secure volunteers for each meet and a description of each volunteer position and its responsibilities will be provided.

What is GRAL?
GRAL stands for the Greater Richmond Aquatic League. We belong to this league with 27 other teams. The teams are broken into divisions (determined based on past performance and team size). Our division determines the teams against whom we compete. See the GRAL website for more info.

How do I find out more?
We are so glad you are interested in finding out more about the Rockville Racers Swim Team! We hope to make 2024 a fun and positive experience for all the swimmers! For more information, and to ask other questions, please contact at rockvilleracersteam@gmail.com.